I am proud to be able to teach stand up comedy via the organization I co-founded, The LaughtHER Collective.We are currently offering in-person workshops, private sessions, corporate workshops & live shows. We very much look forward to offering full stand up comedy courses in January of 2023.

Here's a bit about my teaching experience:

I have been a stand up comedy teacher for over 5 years. I provide my students with a safe, engaging and supportive environment to build confidence in their creative ideas both on and off the stage. I encourage students to experiment outside their comfort zone, take risks and always lead with the principles of being honest, specific and having a strong point of view.

For the Spring Semester of 2019 I taught Stand Up Comedy 101 at Sarah Lawrence College. I teach annual intensive workshops at Muhlenberg College & ArtsQuest in PA. I have taught courses at Q.E.D. in Astoria and at the People's Improv Theatre I developed 3 levels of formal stand up comedy training for Womxn+. 

I enjoy helping students define their own relationship with stand up comedy and debunking a lot of the stand up myths that can hold artists back. I offer a supportive, personalized approach to everything I do and genuinely delight in human connection through comedy!