"Very Funny." - The New York Times

"She gets to shine, telling her own story in her own words." - The New York Times on 'It's Christi, B*tch!" 

"A good performer bears her soul in an honest and engaging way.  A great performer does it while making her audience feel like family. Make no mistake:  Christi Chiello is a great performer.  The champion of crowd work takes you through her personal saga of tempestuous lust, bizarre gigs and complex relations with Jesus.  You'll be a happier person for seeing this show." - Time Out NY on 'It's Christi, B*tch!'  

"Christi Chiello is one of my favorite performers.  You put her on any stage in NYC and she walks away with the room in the palm of her hand as well as every comic's respect.  She can go in and smoke people at a Roast Battle, go charm the New Yorker-reading crowd by putting on a solo show at Joe's Pub, then go put on the boldest weirdest shit with the Bushwick scene, and everyone in all those corners of comedy walk away feeling like she stole the show." - Chris Gethard in VULTURE

"The quality of her jokes and the way they fit into her very upbeat and optimistic personality make her hard to forget." - VULTURE

"The subtitle for this show pretty much nails it's concept: "If Roast Battle and Debate Club had a super gay baby!" - The New York Times on Battle of the Divas 

"Christi Chiello is someone who I always thought was really funny.  I knew her through stuff she did on The Special, she did a bunch of stuff with Lorelei Ramirez who is also great.  And then I saw her on Roast Battle and I was like Whoa, she's taking some of these dudes apart. That's always been a big indicator to me of when someone's about to pop out of NY is when they can do stuff as versatile as a one-woman show at Ars Nova but also go take on some aggressive dudes in a roast battle.  That versatility always stands out." - Chris Gethard in VULTURE

"She's your naughiest buddy on a night out, the devil in your ear, the voice on your next favorite cartoon and the sweetest comic in town.  Soon stand up supreme Christi Chiello will be our potty-mouthed overlord." - Time Out NY

"At this gut-busting solo show, the foul-mouthed stand up angel Christi Chiello shares her life story of lusting for the Lord and becoming a star." - Time Out NY on 'It's Christi B*tch!' 

"Christi Chiello might be the most delightful stand-up comedian in NYC.  Her bubbly personality and decisively dark humor is a perfect mix and you'll find yourself obsessively watching her hilarious Instagram stories after you've seen her perform."  - 9 of the Funniest Women in NYC 

"Look out for Christi to display the kind of charm, charisma and quick-on-her-feet thinking that regularly wins over audiences." - The Interrobang

"Christi Chiello stood out among Comedy Central's Roast Battlers as the young unique voice who stood up to insult pro Jimmy Carr.  We know she has a giant future ahead of her." - The Interrobang

"Come for the cheap drinks and stay for the likes of Christi Chiello, a rising NYC comic with an incredible voice (think Marcel the Shell meets Betty Boop) and great jokes!" - The Village Voice 

"My pick for the breakout comedian of 2019 is going to be Christi Chiello. I think the world of this comedian. I think she’s one of these people that has so much talent and so much raw talent that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what she’s capable of doing. Not just her voice work, but she’s also a singer and she’s an actress and she works so hard on her craft. She, to me is someone to look out for in 2019. I think she’s going to have a really big year. And I’m really excited to see what happens for her and I love her very much. You guys should all check out Christi Chiello." - Matteo Lane for the Interrobang