It is my pleasure to introduce The LaughtHER Collective!


The LaughtHER Collective is an organization dedicated to amplifying and advancing womxn+ and diversity using tools & techniques of comedy. Our mission is to equip everyone with the confidence and conviction to communicate more clearly, a bit funnier, navigate conflict more seamlessly while maintaining relationships using humor, operate at a higher level and spread joy during times when it’s been missing. 

The HER in The LaughtHER Collective is because we are led by womxn+, but we are working for anyone who's felt overlooked and underrepresented, which requires everyone. 

TLC is working to narrow the gender pay gap through training and resource sharing, offer universal healing through laughter, and bring honesty and equity to more spaces.


I'm thrilled to be a co-founder of The LaughtHER Collective along with the wonderful Hope D. Combined, our decades of experience in the entertainment industry, higher education, and career counseling uniquely suit us to know these problems and how best to solve them one room at a time. Our approach is effective, universal, and fun! Soon we will offer classes, workshops & corporate training in addition to our already successful monthly ;) stand up showcase for womxn+; The Menstrual Cycle Show!


We would love your support. Let's work together, collectively!

Follow:  @TheLaughtHERCollective



Come to a Live Show:  The Menstrual Cycle Show


On Sunday 10/2 I will be headlining 



We're coming back, baby!

I'm so excited to be coming back for Season 2
of Teenage Euthanasia on Adult Swim & HBO Max. 

Stay tuned for release date!

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