I have been a stand up comedy teacher for almost 4 years. Currently, I teach at Hunter College and The People's Improv Theatre.


I provide my students with a safe, engaging and supportive environment to build confidence in their creative ideas both on and off the stage. I encourage students to experiment outside their comfort zone, take risks and always lead with the principles of being specific, vulnerable and having a strong point of view. 



A Little HERstory:

In 2017 I started teaching annual intensive workshops at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania.  The following year, I was a faculty member at Sarah Lawrence College and taught the entire Spring semester of Stand Up Comedy 101. In 2019, I taught a 5-week Finding Your Voice course at Q.E.D. in Astoria and when NYC went into Covid-lockdown, I offered several months of online classes via my personal zoom.

My online classes were so successful I began teaching virtual classes at ArtsQuest in Bethlehem PA and at the People's Improv Theatre in NYC, where I currently offer a 6 week course for Women and Nonbinary students. Starting this summer I will teach at Hunter College's School of Continuing Education.

My classes are open to all levels & I pride myself on my ability to meet each student where they are. Whether you’re a non-performer wanting to try stand up for the first time OR you’re a more experienced comic looking to polish an existing set — I can help! 


  • Beginners can expect to learn all the basics of stand-up comedy. Sessions with me will serve as a laboratory for creating original stand-up material while discovering your truth and voice. You will learn how to translate your ideas into a crafted act through proper joke structure, writing & editing techniques all while developing a commitment to your own, unique sense of humor.

  • More experienced performers can expect to polish your material, get in depth feedback for auditions or submissions, challenge yourself to expand with different comedic styles, perfect your persona and learn additional skills like hosting or warm-up work.



For more information on my group classes or private sessions, please contact me.  All classes at the People's Improv Theatre and/or Hunter College can be found via their websites. 

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"You should absolutely 100% take any class that Christi offers. I've taken three of Christi's classes, and I was blown away every time by how supportive a teacher she is, how thoughtful her notes are, and how generous she is with her time. She's so good at meeting every student where they're at, helping them identify their goals and then helping them reach them. If you're the kind of person who thinks "Please. You can't learn standup in a classroom," you're probably right 99.9% of the time, but Christi is the other 0.1%. She's the best. Seriously. Take her class." - Clara Olshansky

"Taking a class with Christi is something you absolutely must do. I had taken a comedy class before, but working with Christi was instrumental in me finding my voice as a comedian. She helped me to hone my skills, and truly made me realize that I had talent in this field. Without her I would have not have pursued producing my own successful comedy show. I cannot recommend the class highly enough. Christi has managed to create an open, loving, and most importantly honest and constructive class experience. If you want to pursue comedy, and don't know what your first move should be this is the class to take. You won't regret it!" - Joanna Georghiou

“Christi Chiello is without a doubt the most enthusiastic and caring teacher that I have had the pleasure to have! She breaks down the scary world of stand-up in an easily approachable way! She has so much experience and talent and uses all those skills to help you craft your jokes into finely tuned joke missiles that’ll make even the grumpiest grandpa smile. If you have any interest in stand-up I can not recommend taking a class with Christi enough!” - Austen Halpern-Graser

"Through her classes Christi has helped me grow my inner funny to write concrete material for stand up. She gave us techniques to create, refine and present comedy material all while explaining the stand up culture/business. I felt like she invested in me on a personal level as a comedian and helped get my confidence up to perform in various forms. She is an amazing teacher, coach and comedian!" - Gulru Ustundag

“Christi exceeded my expectations. She was available not only during the class, but during the whole duration of the class. She observes all the student’s personalities very well, gave great feedback and helped us shape our stage personalities. She is really, really good at it. My class was only 5 weeks, but she gave us so much more knowledge, time, and experiences than what I expected!” - Yoko Haraoka