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Hi, thanks for checking out my website! :)

I'm Christi, a stand up comedian living in Queens with my 2 kitties! Together, we like to eat pizza & watch Ru Paul's Drag Race. Yunno... hot girl sh*t.
I moved to NYC at 19 with my sights set on Broadway. I discovered comedy a few years later at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre & my dreams changed. I learned at improv school that I do *not* like improv but I DO like improvisation's hot uncle:

stand up comedy.
I've been described as being a "cupcake full of razor blades" & I think that's accurate! My stand up is playful & interactive. My favorite part of being on stage is doing crowd work with the audience, completely off-the-cuff. I like to charm the pants off my crowds & win them over, so when I talk about being a horny Christian they're cool with it. ;)
I'm outgoing, physical & a consummate entertainer! Just point me to the stage and I will take care of the rest.

photo by Mindy Tucker