Stand Up at The Comedy Studio, Boston

Stand Up at The Wasted Talent Show
Newport, RI

Stand Up at The Creek and The Cave
Nick Turner's Album Recording

IFC's Boy Band

ACTORS at Ars Nova 

MTV'S Girl Code Sketch

Stand Up 

Performing as Gilda Radner 
Schtick or Treat @ The Knitting Factory

Performing as Sonny Bono
Schtick or Treat @ The Knitting Factory 

Soap Opera Audition Sketch

Comedians in Public

'Movers Makers Groovers and Shakers' 
featured me in their docu-series!

Seeing Other People
Featured in LaughSpinIFC and Glamour 

College Humor 2 Sketch
with Cool Kid Comedy

Stand Up
The People's Improv Theatre 

Stand Up
WFMU's Monty Hall

Original Character Holly Harper
"The Special Without Brett Davis" on MNN

The United Self Esteem Fund Sketch

Extreme Makeover Homeless Edition Sketch
I wrote and directed this sketch for Old School Sketch Show at the People's Improv Theatre. 
Shot by Mark Stetson and starring Micah Sherman, Michael Delisle, Abby Holland and Giulia Rozzi


The Special Without Brett Davis Full Ep
(I'm being original character Holly Harper in an interview with  Game of Throne's star Natalia Tena)

Stand Up 
The Creek and The Cave 

Secret Weapon
Web Series from Doug Smith

Marty; The Loneliest Mistletoe Salesman 
in the World Sketch 
written by Brian Fiddyment

Voice Over Reel

Be Still
Horror Comedy Short written by Evan Williams

Pizza Girl Sketch
Written by Steven DeSiena

The Family Secret
Written by Joel Walkowski

Sketch from Moderately Funny

Exercise Tutorial Sketch

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