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Every month I co-host 2 long-running, wild shows at Union Hall in Brooklyn: Battle of the Divas with Matteo Lane (Time Out NY's pic for 'Best of the NY Comedy Festival 2017') and White Chocolate with Petey DeAbreu (NYCF 2018). Every few months you can catch my one-woman show It's Christi, B*tch! at Joe's Pub! 

Have you ever taken a bite of a cupcake only to find it's full of razor blades? That's Christi, B*tch! Half parts cuteness and savagery, comedian Christi Chiello's debut solo show "It's Christi, B*tch!" will take you on a fervent journey into the holy and horny life of the girl behind the cartoonish voice. On an endless quest for "human connection," Christi explores the breakUPs, breakDOWNS and breakTHROUGHs that have made her... Christi, B*tch!

I am SO excited to be spending the freezing month of February in sunny Los Angeles this year!  And especially excited for 'It's Christi, B*tch!' to make it's West Coast debut at Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth on Thursday February 21st! For tickets, Click here for tickets!

You can also come to these shows, too: