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"Christi Chiello, Battler.  This relatively young NYC comic is ranked as a long shot underdog against last year's Roast Battle champ Jimmy Carr.  She's a veteran of the RoastMasters Series at The Stand in NY and despite her 4 and 1 record coming into tonight's Battle, she is an absolute winner on personality and performance.  I'm going to mention Christi's kind of weird, almost a comic book character-like voice here, only to point out that she is able to be so funny and connect so much of herself to the audience, that you barely even notice it after the first sentence.  Without a doubt the star of night 1, look out for her to display the kind of charm, charisma and quick-on-her-feet thinking that regularly wins over audiences."
Roast Battle Premieres Tonight; Meet 3 Characters You Will Fall in Love With - The Interrobang

"Chiello is actually a new face, whether or not they also book her in the New Faces showcases this month at JFL.  This just proves how magnetic and powerful her performance wasThe Comic's Comic

Here are some clips of me competing in 

Here's me batting PETE LEE:

Here's me battling EVAN WILLIAMS:

Here's me battling NOAH GARDENSWARTZ:

Here's me battling SCOTT CHAPLAIN:

Here's me battling JP MCDADE:

Here's me battling ZAC AMICO: