"Very Funny" - The NY Times

"Christi Chiello is someone who I always thought was really funny.  I knew her through stuff she did on The Special, she did a bunch of stuff with Lorelei Ramirez who is also great.  And then I saw her on Roast Battle and I was like Whoa, she's taking some of these dudes apart. That's always been a big indicator to me of when someone's about to pop out of NY is when they can do stuff as versatile as a one-woman show at Ars Nova but also go take on some aggressive dudes in a roast battle.  That versatility always stands out." - Chris Gethard in VULTURE

"A good performer bears her soul in an honest and engaging way.  A great performer does it while making her audience feel like family. Make no mistake:  Christi Chiello is a great performer.  The champion of crowd work takes you through her personal saga of tempestuous lust, bizarre gigs and complex relations with Jesus.  You'll be a happier person for seeing this show." - Time Out NY on my solo show "It's Christi, B*tch!"  

"She's your naughiest buddy on a night out, the devil in the ear, the voice on your next favorite cartoon and the sweetest comic in town.  Soon stand up supreme Christi Chiello will be our potty-mouthed overlord." - Time Out NY

"Christi Chiello might be the most delightful stand-up comedian in NYC.  Her bubbly personality and decisively dark humor is a perfect mix and you'll find yourself obsessively watching her hilarious Instagram stories after you've seen her perform."  - 9 of the Funniest Women in NYC 

"Look out for Christi to display the kind of charm, charisma and quick-on-her-feet thinking that regularly wins over audiences." - The Interrobang

"The quality of her jokes and the way they fit into her very upbeat and optimistic personality make her hard to forget." - Splitsider

"Christi Chiello stood out among Comedy Central's Roast Battlers as the young unique voice who stood up to insult pro Jimmy Carr.  We know she has a giant future ahead of her." - The Interrobang

"Come for the cheap drinks and stay for the likes of Christi Chiello, a rising NYC comic with an incredible voice (think Marcel the Shell meets Betty Boop) and great jokes!" - The Village Voice