I have a podcast!
I thought it was going to be me talking to my favorite comedians about all things comedy but usually it's about how I'm TOO HORNY!  Lauren Kubera is my podcast "side piece" and together we sit down with our favorite people, play crazy funny games, get horny as I mentioned earlier, feel the feels and I dunno... live!  Every guest has asked me, "Christi what is this podcast about?" and I'm just like, LOL great question idk bitch! But I'm figuring it out!  It's SO fun.
If you have a hot uncle or cousin please tell them to listen!

here are some really awesome 5 star-reviews from very nice people in iTunes.  I swear none of these are written by my family or their alias's:

"Been a fan of Christi's for a while now from the Roasts and the NY comedy scene and her new podcast does not disappoint! I am sitting in traffic crying laughing listening to this.  And also singing along at times.  It literally made my day!  Thank you Christi!"

"Had no idea I would love this podcast as much as I do.  I'm a Christi fan and she shines here.  It's AWESOME to hear talk about the comedy scene from people who are living it.  The energy is always great.  Recommend to all!"

"Christi's voice, both literally and comedically - is unique and delicious. I have a 45 minute commute to work, and Christi is my favorite friend for the car ride.  She ROCKS!!!"

"I first heard Christi on Keith and the Girl and immediately fell in love.  Now that she's got her own show it's like comedy angels from beyond have smiled on us.  Too much?  No way.  Christi and her cohost Lauren talk sex, comedy and the greatest generation- 90s culture.  Oh yeah, please more "Bout it Bout it / As IF!!"