where have you been, cc?

answer- here, there, and everywhere.

it's summertime and the city is ablaze. my babysitting 'gig' takes me to the hamptons on the weekends (yes i still nanny), and when i'm home i find i run around like ... well, someone who runs fast (insert track superstar name here). i can not believe it's mid july and i can not believe my life is SO INCREDIBLE. let me elaborate--

since october i've been living in the heights and although i love dominicans, i am happy to report that i'm in a place now where i can afford to move downtown! that's right i said it! christi chiello takes lower manhattan. and when i say 'lower' i really mean 'anywhere else in manhattan' bc really anywhere is lower than the heights...manhattan-wise. i'm thrilled!!! so i've been playing on craigslist everyday and have met and viewed several potential roomies/apartments. i'm so excited to have the opportunity to live in a different neighborhood. wish me luck, bloggers!

comedy this year has been the best. i'm so thankful to the awesome people who i have met this year that have helped me get gigs! YES I HAVE GIGS! regular gigs. i'm a 'regular' now.... but i wrote all about that in the 'all about me' section so i don't want to sound redundant. oh i get paid now to do comedy. that's right people pay me to be funny. dream? CHECK. at the risk of sounding like a total dweeb i've been so inspired by all of the great comics of the 70s. in particular steve martin and i've been doing a great deal of what i can 'experimental comedy.' it's definitely what i am most proud of and it's the start of something great.

improv @ UCB is blowing my mind as we're starting to learn about 'second beats.' it's really fascinating to me how technical improvisation is and how magical it can be when you do it well. i've really lucked out on the teacher/class front at ucb.... i'm having a great time and can't wait for our performance in august.

finished recording 'the champion' and i can't wait to see the finished product in about 17 years. all the guys at silversound were the best and i learned so much. cory's helping me record a new demo. i'm going to do all of the funniest voices in the world on it. it'll be about 3 hours long.

and oh yes - deirdre, ryan, and i are back with THE REALLY COOL SHOW! check us out online and watch out videos. we had a season 3 premiere party the other night and it was a huge success!!! so classy and fun. we showed our entire season and it felt really nice. my friends are so funny.

how ya livin? what! how ya livin? what! how ya livin?

see ya! cc