technology conundrum

as i sit here, laptop appropriately on my lap, a pack of little debbies to my right (how did they get there), and bret michaels on TV....i couldn't help but wonder.... could a saturday night get any BETTER?

today i took a much needed personal day, although unfortunately slightly complicated by visits from the super which are never fun. i still managed to get important life things done. a trip to the gym was long overdue. ever since the huge move 20 blocks south, the gym (which was already 20 blocks north of me), just seemed like too long a voyage. soon after starting my walk to the bus station i found myself in a hearty talk with ryan on the cellular so i thought hey, wtf, imma walk it! well, 10 blocks deep and no ryan on the phone to keep me company, i started to regret that decision and by the time i dragged my once 'bubble' and now 'fat' ass to the gym, i was exhausted. mayyyyyybe 30 chest compressions later i called it a success and hit up the creme de le creme of the bronx - Target.

what personal day would not be complete without a target run? God you can get ANYTHING there. the best thing to happen to me since bagels. my fun was put on hold when i felt my throat getting scratchy and what i'm now thinking is allergies start to kick in. of course the one day i have off in 3 1/2 weeks has to be destroyed by ailness. immediately i went home to rest. i don't fuck around.

lucky i have my new laptop, old S&TC dvds, and new target clothes to keep me feeling warm and important. i had a wonderful week with wonderful friends. a record breaking amount of friends turned up at my thursday show and i was blown away! short haired christi was making her comedy debut and i couldn't be happier that my friends were there to support the new me. i also tried some new risky material that i think went over well. when i say risky i mean 'racist'. it's always hard to tell how well my new jokes do when my friends are there because they'll laugh no matter what, which i love. i met shalaine's man. they are officially the most attractive couple in brooklyn. ryan brought his lil bro who is about as tall as my apt building and as adorable as a jonas. i was so happy to see emily who brought her boyfriend and of course my #1 man, scott was there. i'm so thankful for my friends! and my boyfriend, new york city.

since i've had all day to do nothing but think (i already have more jokes than i know what to do with), i found myself realizing that i might be obsessed with social online networking. let's talk about it- i have a facebook (obviously it's the new mill) and i love it. i'm not as in love as i used to be, but i'll check it everyday? maybe only for a minute or 2 but every. fucking. day. that is time that i am not going to get back. and yes i understand that it is a 'social network that connects you to the people around you' (yes i memorized it), but whatever happened to just real networking? not doing it via cyberland? i hate that i am a victim of this and i hate that i waste time looking at who tagged me ina photo and not spending that time living a real life! how ironic that i say this as i write on my 'BLOG' that will most likely be posted on my 'FACEBOOK' for all of my cyberfriends to read. oh and did i mention i have a twitter???? really i just got one of those as sort of an inside joke with myself.... i only have like 2 real friends. but i get curious to see what britnet is doing after a performance! but i am proud to say i don't have a myspace. i don't do that to-catch-a-predator trashy nonsense. i am way too classy.

so here's the question. i blog, i have a facebook, a twitter, aol mail, gmail, and i'm making a sick new website. apparently, although i hate to admit it, all of this silly technology is an essential part of my life and the way i network with people. comedy people, biz people, friend people, little people...... it's essential for my operation! the nokia t-mobile flip has been acting up and my heart is screaming 'christi... get the blackberry.....everyone has one. this is nyc. do it. it'll speed up your life. speed up your dreams. help your dreams become a reality!' now enormous cost and byebye family plan aside, i feel this might be a great investment for me. but is it too much? how much of all of this do i NEED and how much do i just think i need because i'm so used to it??? i couldn't help but wonder.... do we ever really know how much we 'need' a good thing??

how very carrie bradshaw of me,