does anyone still read this?

whoa!!!! it's christi.......chiello, remember me? someone very special brought to my attention recently (laura chiello aka 'mom') that i have forgotten about you, blog readers (laura chiello aka 'mom')..... and now i'm back in the saddle again! really sorry about that. let's just call this CHRISTI'S BLOG SEASON 2 and pretend it's something i did on purpose. as it if were a 'choice' i made to forget about you for like 3 months. i feel really horrible keeping you all, my fans, in suspense. i know how you all miss reading my pointless rants complete with typos and multiple grammatical errors. is grammatical a word? or did i just make it up for my blog? see you guys miss this stuff! who wouldn't?

so much has changed in my ever-changing adult life. for starters i am officially a woman now. not because i was a man before but because i have been transitioning into adult hood... making really grown-up decisions and using words like 'jocular' and 'gregarious' in my day-to-day. again...grown.up.

i'm a grownup now because i'm grinding it out and living it up. kicking ass. taking names. kicking names. taking ass. (what?) payin' bils. dee-cisions. responsibilityyyyy. choices. LIFE. a-dult.

let's keep the 'professional' recap brief. imma give you all the cliffnotes on what's the haps in my career- i'm actually becoming a good standup comedian. more people are laughing. and with me not at me, which is def an improvement! i get really embarrassed when i think of how not-so-great i used to be but again i am a grownup now so i need to expect that. comedy is great! several shows a week (i said it!) totally getting the hookups, making the rounds all that jazz.

i finished my first animated feature and it was fantastic and i'm currently at silversound making a new 'commercial/animation reel' sound fancy? THAT'S BC IT IS. oh yeah and i have a website coming out soon. CHRISTICHIELLO.COM is going to be great. according to my blog it's going to be 'the best website ever made ever'

i'm back at ucb taking classes and so happy about it! i have a new sketch group '2 girls a guy and pizzaface' and we're writing a great parody with hopes of getting into UCB's 'spank' or another venue similar in awesomeness. i don't want give away the details in fear that a crazy blog fan will steal our's that good. i'm SO excited to be working with friends scott, jared, and shadee and i'm learning so much. GO TEAM

TRCS took a bit of a vaca for a while. we've been busybees but we're currently deciding where we're going to take our baby. i don't want to give anything away but we're thinking BIG!

i had another audish for mtv (#276221) so everyone keep ur fingers crossed! not that i really care or anything. not that i host my own trl in my room everyday or anything. whatever i don't............................................ok?

i went through a stage a few weeks ago where i went out every night (what am in in my 20s or something?!?) and did showssss and sang karokeeee and laugheddd and had funnnn and then i got really sick bc i wasn't getting enough sleep. lesson learned. i need my 8-9 or this kitten won't purr if yunno what i'm sayin'. i also blew through all my money and was temp broke for a hot minute which was a little scary. again, lesson learned.

here's some news! roomie jill moved back home to canada and we have a new/fancy roomie kimberly. she's a firey ginger and fits in just perfectly. 5D is complete. loving the heights ... every urban inch of it. according to oprah wash heights is the heroin capital of nyc. WHO KNEW? i love it. builds my street cred.

everything is so great and i feel really lucky! my best friend kristen asked me to be in her wedding party! on sept 12th she's marrying her longtime love anthony (wonderful guy). she was going to keep it just family but then decided to ask me because she thought it didn't feel right not having me. i love her so much and i'm so happy/honored to be a bridesmaid. she's family to me. and speaking of family let's not ignore NICOLE CHIELLO'S WEDDING! that's right kevin popped the question and it's a done deal. i can't believe my sister is getting married. i can't believe it. i can't wait to have kev as a bro-in-law. i've always wanted a brother... why did bethani have to be a girl? i can't believe my mom is going to have to get all fancy ina dress (i bet she will wear her sketchers underneath). so much to look forward to---

this is long and starting to get a lil sappy so i better quit it.

i'm back!