G.A.W. Grown. Ass. Woman

GREAT THANKSGIVING - imma keep the recap real short. but i will share this: i wish you could eat the bird for breakfast on thanksgiving day. the wait kills me. and if u were to eat it in the morninggg.. you'd have all day to burn it off. maybe hit up the gym later that day? now i have to plan my whole weekend around my workout plan bc God knows i need it. lucky for me i have beyonce rehearsal tomorrow so i'm set. thanks to ernie, alex, ck, rebecca, & ricardo for a great thanks day. also queen bee for providing us with a killer soundtrack. also - did anyone watch the parade?? who knew america still had boybands?? not me

i left ernie & alex's early tonight bc i was full & exhausted and thought i'd pass out in 2.2. clearly that didn't happen. MTV is playing my #13 favorite movie of all time '8 mile' so now i'm up watching that. eminem is so talented!! PALMS ARE SWEATY KNEES WEAK ARMS ARE HEAVY THERE'S VOMIT ON HIS SWEATER ALREADY MOM'S SPAGHETTI who writes lyrics like that? Jesus?

i mentioned in my first paragraph i'm having beyonce rehearsal tomorrow. i've been truly inspired after watching her 'all my single ladies (put a ring on it)' video about a million times. i'm teaching myself the dance and then making a video tribute for her. if anyone else out there in cyberland shares my love for sasha fierce and has in interest in contributing to my tribute video - please let me know. and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the ULTIMATE BEST... how would u rate your dance skills? i'm about a 7 or 8... so if you're the same and/or WORSE than me, you can be in the video. i don't need anyone out-dancing me in my own video that's just tacky. and when i say tacky i mean impossible bc i'm really a 10 or 11 when it comes to bootydancing. seriously i have it as a 'special skill' on my resume.

i just remembered a horrible moment from today - we were playing this pictionary/charades like game called 'sexy slang' or something like that.... there would be a dirty sex slang term on a card (ie/ dirty sanchez or something) and you'd have to either act it out or draw it. anyways we divvied ourselves into 2 teams boys (bareback mt) -vs- girls (pussy posse). i get abnormally angry and competitive during these games so needless to say my team one. i'd have it no other way.... but during an intense act out CK's beaded bracelet flew off her wrist and hit me square in the mouth. i could have lost a tooth. everyone screamed w/ the 'CHRISTI ARE YOU OK???' 'OMG YOU'RE MILLION DOLLAR SMILE!!!!!!!!!!' ok no one said i had a million dollar smile but God knows they were thinking it. honestly i was fine! it didn't hurt me at all but it looked so painful so no one believed me... that's the worst when you really should have gotten hurt but you didn't and you're just embarrassed about it? but everyone really thinks your embarrassed AND hurt? yunno? really horrible. and that shit ONLY happens to me. it's like God knows i do stand up and just wants to give me these horrible life experiences so i can joke about it with others.
or write out it in my BLOG.

my teenage neighbors are having a major party right now. i don't know whether or not i want to call 311 and report their loud asses..... or join them. depends on the next song they play (please play sean pau,l please play sean paul)

i'm starting work on a new sketch show in a few weeks before heading home to ri for christmas. so excited for december!! friends scott, jared, shadee and i are hoping to get a run at UCB so keep your fingers crossed! also TRCS season 3 is about to dominate the web so prepare yourself.

and if you haven't already VOTE FOR ME for an emerging comic award.

i will write to you soon (<------might be a lie)