this one's for my mom who sent me an angry text recently about my lack of bloggage. she then called me a whore and told me i was a mistake. clearly my mom is the only one who knows/cares about my blog. i learned today that i only have 1 blog "follower" - i don't want to give away his name (THANK YOU PHOENIX) but i appreciate your support and prepare yourself because this one is going to be a doozey.

SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT - today i blog to you feelin a little sick :/ i have a nasty cold (?) allergies (?) flu (?) i don't know and because i don't have health insurance and a trip to the doc costs me $$$$$$ so i will never ever find out. keep you distance, boys! naturally i have the time to blog so here i am.

my new apt in the heights ('in the heights' = wicked cool slang for washington heights) is awesome. just a dream apartment. my parents came with my new bedroom, THANKS MOM AND DAD, and now i have the sickest pad EVERRRRRRR. it's just soo homey. so delicious. the building itself has a ton of "artists" so i feel right at home with the porno makers across the hall and the trumpet player downstairs! i'm still in a 'hood' which is ideal because i'm really into urbanization. i feel like i may have blogged about my apartment beforeeeeeeeeeeeee (?) i can't recall so imma keep the apt. wrap up short:
my home, which i share with eliz jill & kristen, is bomb diggity explosive and i invite all of you over for a fun time.

HAYO. this month i have only been "out" 3 times. pa-thetic. i'm a little broke after paying an enormous down deposit on the apt. so lemme tell me about the 3 times i went out this month::::
i went to station social (trendy mctrend) with shalaine meg and tori for our bdays. it was so fun and i had my favorite, duck. we drank and giggled with the cougars all night and it was so fantastic!
i went out with a bunch of gays for drinks and almost bowling. i drank and giggled with more cougars (am i seeing a pattern here??)
and i went out with dan who i just learned is almost as into black people as i am so we obv have a bright future together.

season 3 is starting soon. we're also 'we're getting ready to record for 'the champion' the voiceover gig that i've had for EVER. i'm so excited i'm ready to get in the studio and lay down some beats on the mic. i had a bunch of standup shows and i got RECOGNIZED while i was "out" this month at stanton social------- AWESOME. i think i might have been cast ina new feature about high-schoolers and TRCS is vlogging now which is really innovative and fun! i am about to start writing a new sketch show with friends jared, scott, and shadee. this is my first time collaborating with these talents and i am very excited/honored. i've gotta bring my A game. and i've been auditioning and working and eating and dancing. in that order.

i really want to surround myself with more black people so if you're black and read my blog - let's talk, ok?

i've changed a lot over the past month because i haven't been able to afford to do anything other than self-discover. here's what i found while digging deep into my soul:::

i've gotta be at least 1/4 black
i'm a good SAMARITAN having recently registered for NYCARES so that i can volunteer at a soupkitchen on thanksgiving (angel)
i only want to eat pizza
i'm really bad at remembering to get a flu shot
i haven't washed tigger since i moved to nyc (oops) and he can no longer sleep on my bed bc he's probably bug infested. i'd wash him but he'd probably disintegrate.
i really love rod stewart and michael bolton. 2 of the most underappreciated musicians of all time in my opinion.

-well i hope u had as much fun reading this pointless blog and i had writing it.

i'd write more but i have cable in my room now so i've obviously gotta get going. i'd say i'll blog again soon but let's be honest - we don't know if that's going to happen now do we?

i love you so much