blowin kisses in the wind

i'd like to begin this blog by declaring my excitement.

i am so excited right now.

i have recently discovered that there are people out there in cyberland who actually read/enjoy my blog. to them i shout 'KISSES' as i want to give them all kisses (french). literally thousands upon thousands of adoring fans have been reading each week. (by thousands i mean we're in double digits now... maybe a tween number) i wrote half of this blog while on the LUXURY LINER. i didn't actually type it out because i did not have a computer or internet accent on the bus but i did a little writing in my 5star. CHRISTI WHAT IS A LUXURY LINER? i'll tell you.

the LL sometimes referred to by as me as the LLCOOLJ is a SAB. sweet ass bus that takes rich new yorkers (and christi) to numerous hampton locations every single day! on the LL you can:

-recline in comfortable leather seats with 15 inch legroom
-read your choice of current periodicals located in the back!
-eat their snacks!! (i had 3 bags of famous amos today! fuck you diet!)
-PEE! if you need to, they have clean bathrooms. with hand sanitizer (do they know i'm riding??)
-watch a MOVIE!! they play fairly recent movies and you can plug your little headphones into the seat in front of you and enjoy a flick sitting in the cool AC riding to the hamps.
OR you can just be like me and prematurely write a blog in your 5star while scoping out potential sugardaddies.

i would ride that fucking bus for fun. with no destination at all! that's how much i enjoy it. did i read all of that info off the brochure?? maybe. but i still love it!!

i love the looks i get from people while i write vigorously in my notebook. (ps my 'notebook' is the same as my 'joke notebook' there's only 1 nb in my life) for example:

if i am writing in my notebook while...watching a movie. people may think that i am a movie reviewer! (i used that excuse when i went to see stepbrothers by myself last week...)
if i am writing in my notebook while...reading a STAR. people may think that i myself write a GOSSIP COLUMN. and i think that's cool
if i am writing in my notebook while...observing nature. people may think that i am a lover of planet earth or a HUMANITARIAN (wrong on both counts)

this game, as you can see, is very very fun for me to play.

the next part of this blog will be called - HELLO FUTURE
this fall will be my fall return to real stand-up after a summer of open mics working out new material. i have 3 shows lined up for sept thusfar. my first biggie is sept 12th. i'm going to call this show CHRISTI CHIELLO BACK IN THE SADDLE. although the producers might call it something else given that there are at least 9 other comedians and the show is not all about me (despite what i think in my head). i have a lot of work to do because i'm almost ..........................


which is almost 25 which is practically 30. luckily with my voice i'll be playing teens until i'm 45. i'm not complaining. but i have lots to do this year. BIG goals. last year was huge for me i can't wait to see what this year has in store. i've already started to prepare for this years audition for last comic standing (BC I WAS SO CLOSE LAST TIME) hopefully this time i won't be the first comic sitting. or the last comic standing.........IN LINE.

work on 'the champion' (animated feature film) has been a dream sofar. sucha great learning experience. i am the voice of a chubby asian woman! it's the most fun ever. i'm still writing and working on the SMUT show downtown and AS ALWAYS AND FOREVER -a part of the web movement that is THE REALLY COOL SHOW. ryan (trcs) had his screening for his indie film 'sandcastles' in tribeca last month. i was lucky enough to be in the film, along with ryan and deirdre and other awesome people. it was fantastic!!! hmm other than that just lots of auditions and making new demo reels - a better stand-up one and a new voice over one!

OK THAT WAS A FILLER FOR YOU CURIOUS KITTIES. but this is my blog not my bio so imma keep it at that.

i love you i'll write soon