welths fargo wagon is a comin

so guess whats up? SPEECH CLASS. that's whazzup. yeah that's right. i'm taking speech classes. how old am i ? 22.

i had a meeting with a voice over consultant and she suggested that i take some speech classes for my funky lisp-like "s" sound. apparently i make 2 different "s" sounds - both of which are incorrect by standard american standards. i either make a SHARP "s" or a "ts" sound. or i just straight up lisp. had i not recently become this huge voice-over star none of this would really be a big issue but since i'm all up on the mic nowadays... i've gotta get this S biz under control. no one wants to listen to a cindy brady on the mic.

so that's interesting/funny/embarrassing but imma embrace it. as i do all of my endearing quirks. i'm home from the hamps and i've been super productive which is nice. super busy - but never too busy to blog. have to make time for that.