shoo fly

talk about a heatwave. we have AC in my apt. 2 actually... don't ask me why neither one of them are on right now? we have all the windows open and fans a blowin' so air is definitely circulating throughout the apartment but still. i'm getting a little POed. let's put that shit on i'm baking. not to mention as i sit on ernie's bed and type this right now i can see 3 fatass flies buzzing around my room. i hate flies so much. they were all up on my scrambled eggs this morning. i wacked one so hard. it felt really good... but not nearly as good as i would have felt if i murdered it. i think all bugs deserve death. ESPECIALLY the lies that are in my apartment. i mean, they've gotta know they're not supposed to be in here! they must know that. and i understand they may not be very bright but when i see them buzzing all around the window...flying in and out and in and out... i think they're just tormenting me! you belong outdoors not in my room buzzing around my head. therefore if i see you i'm gonna murder you. and that goes for every bug i come in contact with. unless of course i'm outside bc you see then i'm in THERE territory.

last night was awesome. i met shalaine at the posthouse in the UES. we looked at their menu for about 20 minutes and realized we couldn't collectively afford an app so we decided to look elsewhere. we felt like going swank so we hit up a french restaurant closeby. well, we should have just stayed at the posthouse because our bill was throw-up worthy. SO much money was spent but let's be honest... i see this girl once every leapyear so i feel like it's ok to splurge. we live in NYC, right? i got the steak and shalaine got the duck. PS- i definitely tried duck last night and OH. MY. GOD. i don't even know why they call it duck (lol bc it is?) they should just call it BETTER CHICKEN because that's what it is. soooooooooooooo delish. i'm going to eat duck every other day now. not to mention - way to go self! trying new foods!! i'm so proud of the girl i'm becomming. we got a drinks and talked for years (we waited an HOUR for our food, too.... people all around us were sitting down after us and getting served before us. we definitely gave serious tude) afterwards we went to a bunch of bars including this adorable karoke/jazz bar called session73. so fun.

yunno what makes me upset? when people don't call you. not like .... when people just don't call but when people say "i'll get back to you" or "i'll call you later and let you know" and don't. and wanna know what makes me even more upset? when people give the "sorry i was so busy" excuse. don't even try it. Hi. I'm Christi Chiello. i'm the QUEEN of busy and i can still take 5 seconds to text and/or call with a "sorry, can't make it" or whatever the case may be. i understand that there may always be an exception... maybe something catastrophic occurred and the person really couldn't call so that's why i sometimes give 'em the morning after or next day to call/apologize. but if there's nothing? there's nothing. so to all my fans who are reading this blog - if you have been dealt the *busy excuse* before, i'm sad to tell you but that person.....whoever he or she may be.......just does not like you. it's not real. they'd rather be doing other things. so drop em. because they're trouble.

tonight i have an audish that imma NAIL and then i'm meeting up with my new friend, ashley. ashley's dating my good friend from high school / object of my obsession Jim Reynolds. they're great together and i'm happy i have a new nyc girlfriend! so fun. i hope we have a slumber party and paint each other nails and braid each others hair and tell secrets all night long.

later bloggers