i just wanna shine

best day EVER!

i got a new camera to make more awesome videos with. you KNOW imma post them up on YOUTUBE and become even more of an Internet phenom. i've been brainstorming nonstop about what kind of vids i'm going to make. i don't want to give anything awwwway but i will give you a little taste of what you can expect....

pussycatdolls. lyrical dance. emotionalbaggage. judgements.

run with that. marinate in those words for a while. i just can't wait!!! i can't even get over youtube and what a ...tube it is. so extraordinary. anyone can broadcast themselves. i think that's really great! i've also had to e-mail video auditions to LA sometimes so my new camera will undoubtedly make that much easier (given that i never had an old camera).

as you can guess i'm home from the hamps. tonight i'm meeting up with shalaine - my bff every 6 months. shalaine and i have been girls for a verrry long time. we're both from rhode island (even though i often lie and tell people i'm from the city) and we used to do youth theatre together. she's a friend for life, i know that. we're such busy grownups now it's hard to find the time to meet up but whenever we do - magic. i love her so much! we're meeting at UES hotspot the posthouse. hope to see a celeb. if i don't the night will obviously be a waste.

i have lots of auditions coming up so wish me luck. my lisp has gotten a little better. (phew) didn't want to go through life with that awful problem. sounding like nibblez from i love money. gross.

i love new york city so much. and i love being single and young in new york city. i feel so lucky and blessed to live here. it's the best city ever. granted i've never really been anywhere else (does Canopy Lake Park in NH count???) but i can assume nothing's better than new york city. frank sinatra and i are on the same page. there's just so much to do here. i'm never bored or lonely or lost. i've met the most amazing people here and have such strong friendships. there's just so much culture - so much to learn. i wake up everyday and smile and think 'this city is bomb dig' and then i lay back down and smoke a cig. no i don't do that, i don't smoke. although i'm thinking about taking it up. maybe it can aid to my weight loss. when i'm hungry i'll just smoke cigs. hell why stop at that? i'll use cigs as a gateway drug. i'm just going to start smoking crack and doing heroin. when you're a druggie your minds on drugs not food. GREAT plan, christi. imma start tonight.

i'm kidding. i sound sick. i'm not. actually if you were to speak with me right now you may think that i sound sick because i have a sore throat but i assure you it's not from smoking. just a cold.

in the hamps i bought the book STARBUCKS NATION - all about america's fascination with reality tv, celebrities, and all of the other mindless absurdities of contemp society. then i sat in the starbucks nextdoor and began to read it. i brought my mocha frap back to the hamptons pad after 20 mins of barely reading (sometimes i find it hard to read in public). when i got home intead of reading more i decided to watch 'i love money' on vh1. way to Go. i'm the reason why chris ver wiel wrote that fucking book! i am the cause of a starbucks nation!!!!

ON THAT NOTE - i'm gg drop off my laundry to my friend/laundry lady colleen who has called me Katie since I met her 2 years ago.