i'm back in the city. back in the saddle. i always come back to NYC with AMBITION. pro-active is what i am 24-7 when i'm not hampton-ing it up with diddy. i'm only here 3 1/2 days a week now until sept so i've really gotta take advantage.

let me backtrack - hamptons was fun this weekend. i got a horrible sunburn (typical) which turned into a nice looking tan (awesome!) and i couldn't be happier. i love being tan because it's more difficult to see the redness of a pimple when you have beautifully oranged skin. i feel like i read that some 88% of women think they look better with a tan and i couldn't agree more. unless of course i had like beautiful zitfree porcelain skin reminiscent of an american girl doll. that i could embrace. ANYWAY getting off topic-

this week i have big things: a show, an event, a date-lots of be excited about. however my excitment for the week was put on hold this morning when i died inside.

i decided to call shalaine this morning. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.
last week shalaine and i had plans for go out for a night on the town and i was excited!!
however my excitment was shortlived when i realized i had an audition that night and couldn't attend our outing.
"no big deal!" cried shalaine "next time!"
"yeah... ok! next time!" i would say, unknowingly, in response.

turns out that night shalaine and a bunch of pyts hit up popular hotspot bowery ballroom. drinkin, dancing, laughing, shouting, having a great time. and WHO... might you ask... WHO is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO SHALAINE at the bowery ballroom?????

none other than my absolute obsessions MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN.

REALLY?? r u KIDDING ME, SHALAINE??? one may think im being a bit dramatic but NO. what the fuck. of every single celebrity that graces the covers of US WEEKLY MK (petname) is obviously my #1 favorite.

who has a mko picture collage on her wall? christi
who was mko for halloween 2 years ina row and prob will be next year? christi
who has seen every single episode of full house? christi
who decides what tabloid mag to buy each week soley based on the number of mko photos in the mag? christi
who used to read the mk&o mystery books? christi
whos #7 favorite movie is "ny minute" starring the twins? christi

and the list goes on and on. my absolute DREAM is to see them. i'd give my left tit to see the back of an olsen head. i mean, clearly the olsens are more important than my career... what was I THINKING. never again am i going to make a foolish mistake like that. NEVER. mark my words.

angry and upset by her poor life choices,