i am an avid reader of US weekly, STAR, People, In - Touch etc.  i get them every week.  not all of them... that would be silly.  Just one. Maybe two.  And i love them so much.  it takes me all of 5 minutes to "read" the entire magazine but i just feel such a sense of accomplishment afterwards.  i did something good. i love nearly everyone i read about in those mags.  except for the Hills bitches they can all go to hell.  their lives excite me and since i am pretty good friends with lots of A and B list celebs... i find it important to show my support.   yes, sometimes i am a little bit embarrassed by my love/obsession for pop culture but i also i have the advantage of playing it off like it's "research" for my "career" yunno... to be up to date on the latest drama so i can write jokes about it.  but sometimes i do find myself thinking "christi are you really going to sleep better tonight knowing what katie holmes wore to the MET art gala?" and answer's always the same.  


i had a rude awakening the other day when i went my neighborhood newsstand and was greeted kindly by the slightly pervy Arabian man who works there. that wasn't the rude part hat was actually quite normal but upset me was what i SAW there. i was about to hand over a few bucks for the STAR and on the cover i see a large blown-up picture of baby Shiloh's face with the words I WANT MY BABY SISTERS on it. (**something of the sort i'm not 100% sure bc i didn't buy that shit) Really.  That's the best you can up with star?? You mean to tell me that THAT was the highlight of celebrity life this past week?? A baby's thoughts?? yes i know brad and angie are all the rage and have been since i was like 12 and angie's pregs again and that's great and awesome but REALLY.

first of all we all know that babies don't think or feel.
second of all it wasn't even a good picture of Shiloh.  clearly they did some cropping and photoshopping on a 5 month old pic of her. 
third of all who cares???  Janet jackson's plan to loose 30 pounds in a few weeks and the way she plans on going about that?  THAT i care about. but baby shiloh being ancy about her baby sisters?? hell to the no.  

so not only did i not buy this sad excuse for a magazine.  i chuckled aloud and wrote it down in my joke notebook so that i would remember to write about it. pa-thetic.