is it too late to apologize? (too lateee)

so a fan brought to my attention last night that there are a lot of stupid typos in my blogs.  meaning that i am, in turn, stupid.  to that person and to all of my fans out there, i have written a formal apology.


Good Evening. I would like to apologize to you all for there being typos in my blogs. DOES have a spellcheck and for that reason alone....there is no excuse.  Now I am NOT(repeat not) going to promise you guys that I won't spell a word wrong (because I probably definitely will), but I WILL promise you guys that I will at least TRY to use the handy spellcheck feature to avoid future fuckups.  What I ask of you, the Fans, is to continue to read/love my blog despite these minor setbacks.  Because really, who needs a brain when you have an ass like mine???



ok now that THAT'S over with-------wuts uP peepz??? wootwoot.  Much has been happening in my life as of late but nothing more important than the fact that I am going to my home in RHODE ISLAND NEXT WEEK! i have not been home since christ(i)mas and i haven't seen my dog since we sang carols at the neighbors house.  good times.   bella probably got so big.  bel, if you're reading this... WHOZ ZA GOOD PUPPY! YOU AH! i'm gonna give you a big f-ing treat when i come home AND probably some of moms cooking that i don't liiikkeeee! BEST PUPPY EVER

i'll also be seeing:
mom-originator of the warwick "poof" hairstyle
dad-funniest man in new england...easily
bethani-trainwreck mess.   i'm gonna get that bitch laughin' though when i come home. HELLO HALARITY.
bel-awesome animal. 
kristen-bff turned ENEMY.  join me in fighting her behind the autozone on warwick ave
and any other friends/fans who make an apt. 

well i'd love to blog all night but i have important things to do. 

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NOTE FROM AUTHOR* i use the term "fans" loosely because i don't really think i have any.  when "joking" about my "family" and "friends" i do it out of love.  i was NOT joking, however, when i mentioned my flawless ass.  it really is spectacular.