i love iggy's doughboys.

today i blog to you from warwick, rhode island. i'm home visiting my family and friends. it's so nice to be home! another big reason i came home was because on tuesday i got fitted for a bridesmaid dress. my close friends caitlyn and kevin are getting married aug 30th. much to my dismay, at the fitting i discovered the dress is too small for me. (great) i have to get it "taken out" and re-fitted on friday. i'd be lieing to you if i told you that i didn't cry about it. at least the tightness was happening in the chestal area. not in the gut or ass or anything. at least. so i guess my boobs are getting bigger. even though i don't really think that's true i think i just have chest fat.

when i blog i never use capital letters and i rarely use appropriate punctuation? i hope that's ok with everyone;

i love being home and hanging with bella, my bitch. she's the funniest dog ever. i've been spending lots of real qt with my family. bethani, my younger sister, and i have been bffs all week because she had the convenience of not working as much this week. nicole, my older sister, had to work a lot but i've still been able to spend lots of time with her as well and her bf Kevin who just got back from Afghanistan! WHOA and of course my parents i see all the time. because they birthed me.

we're all having a big dinner tonight. chicken and spaghetti and probably sometime else because my mom usually serves in 3s. i LOVE getting home cooked meals! i'll be able to fit into the dress on friday after eating like a cow this week :/ when i get back to nyc i'm thinking about getting an eating disorder. there are so many choices i just dont know which one to pick!! i'm thinking i'll start with a "clense" of some sort because they seem to be all the rage right now and then i'll slowly just become anorexic. i can't throw up without crying and calling my mom so bulimia is unfortunately out of the question. i babysit for 2 kids and i wonder what i will tell them when they ask me why i don't eat anymore. hmm...

PS-i got the new coldplay CD and i might venture to say that it's their best yet.

i'll write again soon