hello lover

I couldn’t help but wonder…

Whenever I sit down to write anything I always say that line in my head like Carrie does in SATC. We’re very much alike… carrie and myself. Almost everything about us is the same! She’s a great writer, I’m a great writer. She’s blonde, I’m blonde. She wears Prada, I wear Prada…. From canal street. But so what if she shops at Barney’s and I shop at Target and/or back alleys of Canal Street shops? That doesn’t make her any better than me! And we still have lots in common. I don’t know what I am getting at with this because really we don’t have anything in common, I’m clearly just telling myself that we do. I would be friends with her though… if only to borrow her clothes and/or use her connections to help me out in the “biz.” Samantha’s my favorite because she’s a SLUT and although I’m not one…..I find that I always make really lovely connections with people who are. My friends tell me that I would be a mix between Carrie (selfish) and Charlotte (prude). Typical. Thanks “friends.” I tell everyone that I would be a Samantha but we all know that’s a lie. I tease people and tell them they are Mirandas sometimes just to get a rise out of them. Although Miranda is really a wonderful woman… strong, powerful, smart, beautiful probably the most put together/real one in the bunch.. she’s still a firecrotch lesbian and no one wants to be her.

So I saw the movie tonight (shocker there) and I’m not going to say ANYTHING about it because I don’t want to give it away to any fans out there that read my bloog (hi mom!) but I do have SEX and the CITY on my mind. Get me a cosmo!!! I’m going to go to IRISH EYES on the corner and see if the Mexican bartender will get me a cosmo. Wish me luck!

Ok I’m not going to do that but that would be good fun, right?

I’ll blog soon!!!