growing up wyman

E.T. Wyman Elementary School. I do not even remember what the E.T. stood for. Edward Thomas? I don’t know. Probably a name. I doubt it was for an alien. Those were fun times for me. Let me some it up for you – I was a slut. No I wasn’t. I was really cute. But I was a slut so… yeah let me just say it, I was a slut. But I was also popular and I think in order to BE popular you had to be a slut. Some people think that happens only in your teen/adult teen years but no, it happens the minute you walk into any kind of a social situation and that for me was kindergarten.

*Note: I DID go to preschool but was I was socially retarded so I don’t count those years. Even though I did share the same afterschool babysitter as my longtime friend Erin Fuoroli and she and I are still friends to this day. ~*Hi Erin*~

Entering Wyman I was a giant pussy. I remember crying a lot behind my Lisa Frank folders that my mom had bought me. (No1 uses folders in Kindergarten) You see, In preschool back at St.Peters I had major “separation issues.” My mom would have to tell me that she was just going to park in the parking lot for a few hours until it was time to pick me up. But I had my Tigger with me and I had after the initial ½ hour cry I was able to deal like an adult.

But Erin didn’t go to Wyman, she stayed at St. Peters. Tigger came but he was made of stuffing so it wasn’t the same. I remember day 1 I was crying and my mother said, ‘Go and Sit with little Meg!” Little Meg – who to this day is still very little- had an older sister who was friends with my older sister so our fams were bff. I remember befriending Meg that year and I think that due to my newfound friend and confidence – my popularity was born.

I got my first kiss in the First Grade by Ryan Gardner. I had dropped a Lego under the arts and crafts table. We both crawled underneath to retrieve it, such a gent he was. He whispered “I like you” and I said “Show Me” and he did. I have never been braver. I had watched too much TV even then!

It was after my fling with Ryan that I decided to settle down in the second grade and date sweet and sensitive Josh Breedon. Josh and I dated for many years. The teachers loved us. Our parents loved us. And our friends admired our commitment to the relationship.

We didn’t talk. But we were in love. On my family trip to Florida one year I asked my mom to buy him a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt. Mickey was holding a basketball and I knew Josh loved basketball so it was perfect. I later got him a Mortal Combat game which he loved, too. I got a lot of great gifts from his parents too! An electronic ‘Dear Diary.’ I stopped using it after only a few weeks because my sister discovered my 4 letter password (JOSH) and I was fucked. He wrote me love poems, too. I think it was really our friend Michelle who wrote them, though. Either Michelle or William Shakespeare.

You are the sun

And I am your heat

If loving you is wrong

I don’t want to be right

You are the sight in me


I saved it in my caboodle.

Around the 3rd grade enter taylor and becca. Now THEY were popular. I was a semi… I was the girl with the boyfriend so I definitely had that going for me. But the pussy thing was getting to be an issue. I was the girl they didn’t want to invite to the sleepovers because their mothers knew of my crying reputation. Bad News. Becca was an important person in my kid life. She was REAL-sassy outgoing sarcastic sporty wild. The kind that should hate a girl like me. But she didn’t. Our sisters were friends too so maybe that helped matters. She sort of took me under her wing. Taught me how to do stuff like climb trees and not be afraid of dogs. Important stuff like that.

But Taylor was the real popular girl. The 3rd grade sororiety type. She had the Beauty the Brains… the whole package. But was she a baaaad influence on me. During a game of ‘TRUTH OR DARE’ in her backyard she dared me to kiss Andrew Grealey on the lips 11 times EVEN THOUGH I WAS DATING JOSH. I loved Josh but I had to do it. She was Taylor Schwab.

I don’t know if Josh ever found out about Andrew. He later moved and I never heard from him again. Andrew not Josh. Josh and I did break up again in the 6th grade – shortly after I got my braces on. (hmmm) During that time I hated a Jew named Ben. He got me GREAT gifts (Jew) and I kissed him behind a bush at recess. (slut).

I don’t remember why or when but later that year after Ben and I broke up to do well, differences and I found myself rollin’ with a new group. Sweet Andrea and NewGirl Elaina. Together we formed a singing group named ‘Gemini’ and talked about rehearsals during recess. We never went through with that but we did end up performing a dance to SURFIN USA for the 6th grade Talent Show. Anyways, one day I found myself hangin at my friend Matt’s house with Meg . Both cool kids. (again I was popular)Josh came over but him and I were on the outs. I can’t recall what was said but Josh got very upset and ended up leaving Matts and running all the way to his house with no shoes on! I called “JOSH COME BACK!” but he was gone. His little feet slapping the pavement so fast I could hardly believe it.

(more to come)