my 3rd favorite TV show

the season finale of my 3rd favorite TV show was in tonight and NO i'm not talking about dancing with the stars

american idol season (?) was on tonight.  one of the best finales i have ever seen in my life. battle of the davids

imma break it down right now for those people who read my blog (tons) and aren't fans of the show (tons)  COOK is 25 and a ROCKER.  kiiind of like a daughtry but i hate daughtry.  he auditioned for the show on a whim (does he want this??) but is wicked wicked good at singing, playing the guitar (idk if he is good at that but he looks good holding one) and choosing/arranging really cool original songs.  ie/ his rendition of 'billy jean'..... my favorite performance in the history of IDOL.  that's really saying a lot.
ARCHULETTA is 17 and as cute as a button.  he has the melinda doolittle "omg thank you SO much!!!!! i'm soooooo modest" thing going but he is an incredible singer.  his voice melts your soul, basically.

from day 1 i have been a fan of the davids.  and i'm happy they are in the top 2 HOWEVER - arch, i've discovered, is no AI to me.  he's boring and he's only good at adult contemporary songs NOTUNLIKE michael bolton.  i like michael bolton but would i buy a bolton CD and/or attend a bolton concert??? NO.  therefore cook should be crowned WINNER of AI SEASON (?)
i'm so emotional about it right now. cook got a little emotional too after his song pic #2 - i had to rewind to catch it again.   

so what i'm saying to you is.. if cook doesn't win AI i'm not going to eat ever again.

i am going to starve myself.

so for my health and for the mental health of my family & friends who will no doubt be worrying me as i shrink into oblivion - please vote... right now... for my boyfriend, david cook.

thank you.