elizabeth's bed is so comfy

i'm nervous to even begin this blog because my comp has been acting the fool lately and if it even tries to freeze on me right now i am going to be livid.

Hi. So my boyfriend, david COOK won AI much to my surprise. although i obvi wanted him too i was very nervous that archu-LAME-a was going to win (*i did not make up that nickname*) it was emotional - i cried as i do every season but i really meant it this season. my favorite since the days of justin and kelly. what a show, you know? creating superstars and making dreams come true.

speaking of making dreams come true i auditioned for LAST COMIC STANDING a few months ago... it was a bit premature i mean, i'm new to the biz and really wasn't expecting ANYTHING but much to my surprise i had a great audition!!! they liked me and i got interviewed a bit! so exciting. so i was literally on the top of the world it was as if i won the show so of course i had to watch the premier the other night to see if i could see myself on tv. i saw some friends who i had recognized from clubs and i was excited i really thought that i could be on the show!! just a little something. hopefully not in the "reject" group .... so i continue to watch and no, i don't end up seeing myself but do you know who i DO end up seeing??? MY BOSS, RACHEL! i babysit for her 2 kids, have for almost 2 years now... she had gotten tickets with her husband and another couple i also know to see the finalists in a showcase the night of my audition. they did a big closeup on rachel and her friend jenn cracking up at a joke about project runway. i mean, what the hell! i waited in like for 13 hours and i get nothing. she goes to the show and gets on TV. tell me how that works!!!!! i'm kidding i'm not really upset by it, i chuckled a bit myself... after i stopping crying and shaking

so my roommate ernie had his mom, sister, and 4 1/2 year old neice kyla stay with us for the weekend. i slept in elizabeth's bed.. with elizabeth. talk about a full house! lol i dont really have anything else to say except elizabeth's bed is so comfy...

yesterday i layed out in inwood park and tried to get a tan. i didn't really get one, but i didn't get shot either so.... alls well that ends well! i might go back today. should i risk it? not the getting shot part but a sunburn? ouch

my mom sent me a camcorder from home so i can start to make my own videos. im going to make a webshow called iChristi. a spinoff to nickelodeon's iCarly. just kidding that would be horrible. i wont do that at all. but i do want to record myself doing some standup and characters and impressions and stuff and make my own youtube site. yunno a little somethin for the fans... gotta give back!! it's going to be called 'christi gives back' kind of like a spinoff of american idol's 'idol gives back'

btw i went on facebook and added all of the comedians who i saw on last comic standing. and i wrote to everyone and said "i thought you were great!" so soon i will have lots of famous friends. thats how you gotta do it. you've gotta kiss some ass to get anywhere in this biz. take it from me. a VET of the biz.....

well alright im gg for now!!!! i'll blog soon