i have had this really creepy feeling all night like someone has been following me.

i think it started at around 9:00 pm when i heard what i believe to have been gun shots fired in my neighborhood. either that or someone was throwing bricks on the ground from 7 stories up. idk...... i looked out the window and just saw the usual hoodlums with their pants around their ankles cranking loud their "soldier boy" or "rubberband man" ....whatever the thugs are listening to nowadays. "bust a rhymes" "ll cool Jay" "Chris Brown" haha i just said all of those names outloud. i didn't see anything strange though when i looked. just normal everyday life in the hood. i mean...LRon was hidden behind the tinted windows of his yellow too fast and too furious car scruzin the neighborhood selling his dope. Jermaine was beating up an elderly woman about to steal her purse. (whatev) The "Boys" (a little nickname I have for Bobby Rikky Mikey and Lu) were gangbanging some girls i know from across the hall... i mean, it wasn't a big deal but i could have sworn i heard a gun fired. that's scary!

and ever since ive been creeped out that there is someone in my apt. i mean, i asked "HELLO IS THERE ANYONE HERE??" and no1 responded so i mean, i should take their word for it.

this reminds me of the time i accidently locked myself in my apt. and no1 was home so i called 311 and told the operator what had happened. she asked if i would be able to get out if there were a fire. omg, i hadn't even thought of that!! THANKS OPERATOR. "well... i guess i mean there's the fire escape??? but i dont even know how safe that is.. idk maybe i wouldn't be able to?" at that point i was mid panic attack. "ok, i'm going to transfer you to 911" SO SHE TRANSFERRED ME TO 911!!!! that made me panic even more this wasn't really an emergency!!

911 what's your emergency?
um this isn't really even an emergency i called 311 and they tranferred me to you bc i'm stuck in my apt
are you locked into your apt??
yes but..
are you able to get out?
no but...
we'll send some firetrucks
miss if your building caught on fire u would not be able to get out..
yeah but that's not very likely??
miss do you want us to send the firetrucks you are holding up the line this is 911
no, don't im fine i'll call my super.

and for the next hour i was terrified that firetrucks were going to come anyways. i just saw in my window and waited for them. thank God they never came. but my super did i called him right after he opened my door and fixed the lock.

im gg make up a dance to britneys "HOT AS ICE" is the even the name of it? whatever i love that song.