ain't nobody love me better

wow i have not blogged in forever. i feel so awful about it. i have been sucha busy bee. i tried to write a new blog friday night whilst i was babysitting. it was so long and so beautiful.....such witty commentary on my life happenings.... i was seriously so proud of the work i had done. and then? i Xed out of the window accidentally before saving. i was DEVASTATED. i'm not even being dramatic. i'm not using a hint of sarcasm when i say that i had to walk away.... i really hate it when that happens.... i must learn to save! (christtiiii) although this blog will undoubtedly contain my usual wittychristibanter it is not going to be the SAME. nothing will compare and i will never get over it.

so now that we're all depressed why don't i give you a christi update.
CHRISTI UPDATE. by christi L. chiello

so much has been happening! let me first tell you WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY LIFE.
chapter 1.
for those of you wo don't know (even though there are probably a total of 3 people who read this blog 1. my boyfriend and 2. mom).... but for those of you who don't know i am a part of the web movement that is THE REALLY COOL SHOW. TRCS is an improvised mockumentary-style weekly web series. we've been at it for a while and i am proud to say we are now getting more success than ever! you can now watch our vids on the webshow network and we're on itunes! (what else could there BE?) well if you're interested you can purchase at a very low price - RCS hats, pins, and tees. i'm wearing all 3 right now!!!! wowie!
i'm on a break right now from the SMUT show but soon we're going to be making some videos for youtube and our website. the first one we're doing is britney's "oops i fucked up again" so i'm already practicing my killer moves and "mmmmyeahs" for that one. watch out Internet world. we go back to the live shows May 1st.
i have a few standup shows this week and i'm getting a new comedy demo made and in another month i will be going to the STUDIO (COUNT IT) to begin recordings for the animated feature film, 'The Champion' aka i'm awesome!!!


i'm kidding

or am i??????????????????????????
i'm starting up the grueling process of going to open mics to work on my material. there's nothing like sitting in a room full of comedians who are so in their own heads working on their own material that they can't possibly be listening to yours. i mean, really! i'm one them! every comedian waiting to approach the mic is either deep into their joke notebooks or fiddling with their handheld recorders. people go on these open mics to test out their stuff....find out what the hits and misses are and just leave... befuddled. but it is a great way to "network" so to speak and meet other comedians so for that reason.... i continue to go!

tomorrow night i will be telling some new jokes about miley cyrus aka hannah montana and american idol. i am very passionate about both topics so i'm sure i will inspire many with my words.

last night i went to prom with gary alex and ernie. yes, i had 3 dates. that's how i do it now. it was really great. i slowdanced with gary all night and he tried to touch my butt. it was really cute. i hope he asks me to wear his letterman jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so again i don't really know if i'm fully satisfied with this blog. i really felt the pressure this time... and i feel like i may not have delivered. in that case - i'm sorry. but do you what i'm NOT sorry for??? having this blog. because i now solemnly vow to write more often because i realize how important it is to keep up with this!! i won't let you down. i'm going to name you, blog so i feel like we have more of a friendship. i tried just calling all of my friends BLOG but they didn't seem to like that...... so looks like i will have to name you. you're definitely a guy. i wouldn't spend this much time talking to a woman about my feelings. bc that's les. so let's name you

bye charlie, until next time