it's my first blog...whatever should i write about?

hello cyberbots. it seems as though everyone is 'blogging' nowadays and since i am so hip with the times, i thought it was time for me to join in this craze. i have been thinking long and hard for the past 10 mins about what i want my first blog to be about...i want it to be important. to have an impact. this week i have been making strides in my personal life. i thought if i were to tell you all my story of overcoming fear - it may inspire you. so my first blog is rightfully going to be titled 'FACE IT. YOUR FEAR'

a little while ago i had what some might call a "panic attack." by "some" i mean "not me" because those 2 words give me the heebyjeebies and i don't like saying them. i'm not even sure if that's what it was but that is sure what it felt like! i had this moment of frenzy on the 1 train going downtown...the train stalled (typical) in the gangster's paradise no less on 168th. i was next to a smelly homeless man... and i had a tummyache. i wanted OUT. i wanted that train to move but it did NOT. I did not move... for a very long time.


now i am not telling you this story to SCARE you. living in nyc one must not be scared of public transportation. but i have to be honest - i was scared shitless. i don't like the feeling of being stuck underground. (does anyone??) so ever since that frightful day, i have been weary of the nyc subway systems.

my life changed - i grew scared of homeless people....scared of moving things. scared of loud beeping noises - everything that reminded me of the subway. since i live in INWOOD i had to continue to take the train...although my fear never did subside..... uneasy i felt.

at night, i resorted to taking cabs. which was not easy on my funds... i began spending money like a stayathome mom on the upper east side. i forgot who i was. and what i was doing. i forgot the meaning of my life.

it was this past TUESDAY when i realized.... "christi, there are buses in the city, too!" the best thought to have ever entered my mind!!!! i immediately checked the MTA websites online and found quick and easy bus routes to work!! only one transfer... and a 2 dollar fee! could this be true? could this be real?? how could i have forgotten about the BUSES. so i walked to dunkin donuts... picked up a do... and hopped on the bus. i felt so raw like a city girl. yet i was as friendly as a schoolgirl! i even offered my seat to an elderly woman! the bus is DELIGHTFUL. let me list the reasons why:

-if there's a delay of any kind, YOU CAN GET OFF! you're never stuck!
-running late??? you can use your cell because you have RECEPTION
-you can always get a seat because's the bus!
-smelly homeless man harassing you? the bus driver will take care of IT
-a ride on riverside = the most peaceful 20 mins of my life.

i couldn't dream of a better subway alternative.

so in reality ... i didn't face my fears at all. but i learned something. you should really think before you waste literally hundreds of dollars taking cabs to work because there are buses in nyc too.

i look forward to every bus ride i take. like tomorrow? i have work :(
but i'm taking the bus :)

life is great.

i will blog again soon